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Barry S. Engel is the founding principal (1984) of Engel & Reiman pc, a Denver, Colorado-based law firm having an international client base and an international reputation for excellence in asset protection planning and integrated estate planning. He has been written about and quoted by some of the publications of highest regard in the business world and in the professional world, including The Economist, Business Week, American Bar Journal, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes and Super Lawyers.  

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Areas of Expertise

Mr. Engel's areas of expertise in his law practice include estate planning with a view toward the lifetime protection of the estate ("integrated estate planning"), offshore planning, conventional domestic estate planning and international estate planning. Mr. Engel and his law firm are known worldwide for their practice as concerns the asset protection component of integrated estate planning. The firm has influenced trust legislation in a number of countries around the world, and the firm's professional endeavors have revolutionized the thinking of lawyers and other wealth planners globally. This includes the adoption by various jurisdictions of statutory law designed to lend certainty to the planning concepts involved in integrated estate planning. Mr. Engel was a co-author of protective trust legislation as enacted by the Parliament of the Cook Islands in 1989, which legislation has served as a model for many other offshore jurisdictions as well as a model for onshore legislation. Mr. Engel has also consulted with a number of other foreign jurisdictions regarding similar legislation. 

Professional Affiliations

Mr. Engel's professional affiliations have included:

(1) President Emeritus, past Americas Branch Chair, and a Fellow of the Isle of Man-based Offshore Institute, a multidisciplinary professional body with membership in over 60 countries;

(2) U.S. Correspondent for Expert Opinion (May 2013 to present);

(3) Senior Fellow of The Estate and Wealth Strategies Institute at Michigan State University;

(4) Fellow of the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys;

(5) The designated specialist for the professional section on asset protection planning for FindLaw (; and

(6) A member of the Wealth Team of financial specialists for, an exclusive financial network for physicians.

Mr. Engel is a member of the International Bar Association, the American,Colorado and Denver Bar Associations. He is admitted to practice before the Colorado State Courts, the U.S. District Court (Colorado), and the U.S. Tax Court. He is a member of the Asset Protection Committee of the American Bar Association's Section of Real Property, Trust and Estate Law. 


Mr. Engel is the author of the 3rd Edition of Asset Protection Planning Guide, published in January, 2014 by CCH Incorporated, Chicago, Illinois.  He also authored Asset Protection Planning Guide (2nd Edition) in 2005. Mr. Engel is also the founder of Shore To Shore magazine, the Official Publication of The Offshore Institute, as published from 1993 to 2000 by Highbury House Communications PLC, London. Mr. Engel's other professional writings have been extensive and have included:

(1) Consulting Editor for the International Offshore and Financial Centres Handbook;

(2) Consulting Editor for The Offshore Institute Membership Directory & Analysis for various annual editions;

(3) Authoring a regular column "Shores" while serving on the Editorial Advisory Board of Conspectus Current, a professional publication for planners; and

(4) A member of the Editorial Board of London-based Trusts & Trustees and International Asset Management.

Mr. Engel has been a contributing author to a variety of professional publications for the past 25+ years and he continues in such capacity. 

Speaking Accomplishments

Mr. Engel is a gifted and talented speaker who has presented at hundreds of programs for professionals and laypersons alike over the past 25+ years, almost all of which have qualified for professional education credit. In 1998, he was presented with the Excellence in Education Award by Professional Education Systems, Inc. ("PESI") - a distinction bestowed on less than 2% of the 1,000+ speakers in the PESI network. 


Mr. Engel received his law degree (with honors) from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law in 1979, and his Bachelor of Science degree in business (with an accounting emphasis, magna cum laude) from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1976. 

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Texts And/Or Videotapes Prepared For Professionals

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Married over 34 years; 3 children. Interests include family; writing, playing and performing music; travel; and professional endeavors.

Our Areas of Focus:

Asset Protection Planning; Estate Planning (Contact Us if you are a lawyer and have a case to co-counsel with us.)

International Trusts and Estates

Business Transactions; Business Planning

Real Estate Acquisition and Syndication

Expert Witness Services - Asset Transfers; Trust Matters

Trust Administration; Trust Services

Fiduciary Compliance

Income, Gift and Estate Tax Matters

U.S. Taxation of Foreign Entities

Tax Filings and Tax Compliance

Special Needs Planning; Planning for Persons with Disabilities


Analyze the Potential and Options for Asset Recovery Actions

Moving Abroad; Moving Assets Abroad

Expatriation and Exit Tax Planning

Seminars & Events:

June 2015

CELESQ - "Asset Protection Planning for Attorneys: Part I: Key Concepts Involved with Integrated Estate Planning and its Asset Protection Component"
Live Web Cast

July 2015

AAA-CPA Annual Meeting & Education Conference - "The Integrated Estate Plan - What Works and Does Not Work in Today's Asset Protection Areana"
Branson, Missouri

September 2015

CELESQ - "Asset Protection Planning for Attorneys: Part II: Design Variables Applicable to a Given Integrated Estate Plan"
Live Web Cast

CLE International - "Engel on Asset Protection Planning"
Denver, Colorado

National Business Institute - "Self-Settled Trusts: Proper Design and Implementation"
Live Webinar

October 2015

CELESQ - "Asset Protection Planning for Attorneys: Part III: Litigation Challenges and other Threats to Integrated Estate Planning Trusts"
Live Web Cast

November 2015

CELESQ - "Current Trends: Are Today's Laws Eroding or Enhancing Asset Protection / Estate Planning Opportunities?"
Live Web Cast

December 2015

CELESQ - "Protecting Against Ethical Exposures and Civil/Criminal Liability When Advising Clients on Protecting their Assets: What Estate Planning Attorneys Should Know"
Live Web Cast

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