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Engel & Reiman pc is a Colorado professional corporation. The firm was founded in 1984, and its practice of law is limited to estate planning with a view to the lifetime protection of the estate (“integrated estate planning”), offshore planning, conventional domestic and international estate planning, transactional matters, business and tax planning.

The firm is known worldwide for its efforts concerning the asset protection component of integrated estate planning. The firm has influenced trust legislation in a number of countries around the world, and the firm's professional endeavors have revolutionized the thinking of lawyers and other wealth planners globally. This includes the adoption by various jurisdictions of statutory law designed to lend certainty to the planning concepts involved in integrated estate planning.

The firm's founding principal, Barry Engel, was one of three co-authors of trust legislation as enacted in 1989 by the Parliament of the Cook Islands.  This legislation has served as a model for many other jurisdictions, both offshore and onshore. Mr. Engel has also consulted with a number of other foreign jurisdictions regarding similar legislation.

Engel & Reiman pc has four distinct departments: (1) Integrated Estate Planning; (2) Trust Funding and Administration; (3) Tax and Business Planning; and (4) Tax and Compliance.

Welcome to Engel & Reiman pc

We welcome you to Engel & Reiman pc and to our website. Our website has been designed with a number of goals in mind, including providing current and accurate information for those interested in integrated estate planning and its asset protection component. Providing information on our firm generally is another primary goal.

People come to our website for reasons that include learning more about the qualifications of our firm generally, and about asset protection as a component part of integrated estate planning.  Here are some of the various reasons why our Integrated Estate Planning Department is uniquely qualified to be of service to you: 

  • We have been working in the field of asset protection through foreign trusts longer than any other firm.

  • We have prepared more plans involving foreign trusts for asset protection than any other firm.

  • We have participated in more successful defenses of foreign trusts for asset protection than any other firm.

  • We co-authored offshore protective trust legislation that was the first-of-its-kind legislation for asset protection trusts, which was  enacted by the Parliament of the Cook Islands in 1989.  This legislation has served as a model for more than 20 other offshore jurisdictions and over ten states that have enacted asset protection trust legislation.

Our Areas of Focus:

Asset Protection Planning; Estate Planning (Contact Us if you are a lawyer and have a case to co-counsel with us.)

International Trusts and Estates

Business Transactions; Business Planning

Real Estate Acquisition and Syndication

Expert Witness Services - Asset Transfers; Trust Matters

Trust Administration; Trust Services

Fiduciary Compliance

Income, Gift and Estate Tax Matters

U.S. Taxation of Foreign Entities

Tax Filings and Tax Compliance

Special Needs Planning; Planning for Persons with Disabilities


Analyze the Potential and Options for Asset Recovery Actions

Moving Abroad; Moving Assets Abroad

Expatriation and Exit Tax Planning

Seminars & Events:

June 2015

CELESQ - "Asset Protection Planning for Attorneys: Part I: Key Concepts Involved with Integrated Estate Planning and its Asset Protection Component"
Live Web Cast

July 2015

AAA-CPA Annual Meeting & Education Conference - "The Integrated Estate Plan - What Works and Does Not Work in Today's Asset Protection Areana"
Branson, Missouri

September 2015

CELESQ - "Asset Protection Planning for Attorneys: Part II: Design Variables Applicable to a Given Integrated Estate Plan"
Live Web Cast

CLE International - "Engel on Asset Protection Planning"
Denver, Colorado

National Business Institute - "Self-Settled Trusts: Proper Design and Implementation"
Live Webinar

October 2015

CELESQ - "Asset Protection Planning for Attorneys: Part III: Litigation Challenges and other Threats to Integrated Estate Planning Trusts"
Live Web Cast

November 2015

CELESQ - "Current Trends: Are Today's Laws Eroding or Enhancing Asset Protection / Estate Planning Opportunities?"
Live Web Cast

December 2015

CELESQ - "Protecting Against Ethical Exposures and Civil/Criminal Liability When Advising Clients on Protecting their Assets: What Estate Planning Attorneys Should Know"
Live Web Cast

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